Respuestas al IASB y a otros organismos 2010

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Tópico Fecha
1 Exposure Draft of Management Commentary 14 marzo
2 Exposure Draft on Financial Instruments, Amortized cost and Impairment 10 mayo
3 Working draft Liabilities 17 mayo
4 Fair value option for financial liabilities 15 julio
5 Exposure Draft The Reporting Entity 16 julio
6 Extractive Activities Discussion Paper 30 julio
7 Carta al IASB sobre diferencias 31 agosto
8 Pre-ballot draft of the ED for the proposed amendment to IAS 12, Income Taxes 31 agosto
9 Defined Benefit Plans proposed amendments to IAS 19 21 septiembre
10 Exposure Draft on Fair Value Option for Financial Liabilities (FASB) 29 septiembre
11 Presentation of Items of Other Comprehensive Income Proposed amendments to IAS 1 30 septiembre
12 Exposure Draft Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Disclosure for Fair Value Measurements 1 octubre
13 Revenue from Contracts with Customers 22 octubre
14 Exposure draft for the proposed amendment to IAS 12, Income Taxes 9 noviembre
15 The annual improvements Due Process Handbook for the IASB Consultation Document 29 noviembre
16 Draft Interpretation Stripping Costs in the Production Phase of a Surface Mine 30 noviembre
17 Exposure draft for the proposed amendment to IFRS 1 30 noviembre
18 Leases 15 diciembre